We need you at City Council Meeting
Posted on Feb 5th, 2016

Wednesday Feb 10th at 6pm at City Hall the City Council will meet and discuss the
Draft Recreation Fee Study.  The Council at this hearing will make no decisions.  The stated
purpose is to enable City Staff to update the Council with regard to the public letters and
comments already received.  Attorney Jon Corn has recommended that coastal property
owners attend this meeting to show the City Council that we are concerned about the study,
which proposes a higher overall fee than the 2010 Study.   Eventually it will be
decided how much the Del Mar Beach Club and all bluff owners with seawalls will
be assessed per linear foot for loss of public beach and sand mitigation.   
A large turnout of owne3rswould send apowerful message.  If not wanting to attend the
meeting can be viewed on COX channel 19.