Surfrider Lies To It's Members
Posted on Sep 28th, 2012

The Surfrider Foundation, an otherwise well-meaning organization, is misrepresenting the situation regarding the Solana Beach Local Coastal Plan (LCP), and stirring up their members to make an anti-bluff-owners scene at the next City Council meeting on Wednesday September 25.  They have issued a bulletin to their members indicating that the Coastal Commission's last-minute, and probably illegal, unilateral changes to the LCP were part of the "over ten-year" joint effort between anti-bluff, bluff, and City representatives.

The final draft of the LCP, prior to the Coastal Commission's last changes, was indeed arduously formed over many years by these local representatives, including extremists from the Surfrider Foundation who have, curiously, always been against retaining walls protecting bluff properties and beachgoers, which the bluff homeowners pay for.  In fact, when one of these extremist representatives was asked why they are against retaining walls, a fact of civilization, they could not give a reason (even after prompted "because of their appearance?", which has improved over the yeas with guidelines and new materials).  They are aware that less than 5% of sand for beaches comes from bluff erosion per studies around the world (sand comes from rivers, unless they have been dammed up, which necessitates human sand replenishment, such as most urban beaches in the world).
The real background for this anti-bluff extremism is a feud and lawsuit that started many years ago between people that lived on the east and west sides of Pacific Avenue in Solana Beach.  Apparently the people on the east, non-bluff side, wanted the homes on the west side of the street to be allowed to fall off the bluff so that they could have ocean front and greatly improve their property values...
Surfrider members should insist that their organization not be used for personal and extremist issues that are not in line with the charter of the foundation.  And the citizens and City Council of Solana Beach should not allow people from outside our City (Coastal Commission or Surfriders) to dictate things that should be decided by our City.